April 23, 2024

The Many Lives of Mama Love

"I scan myself for inner strength, but all I sense is a faint pulse." ~ pg. 124

Soccer mom Lara Love has a secret: she funds her heroin addiction by stealing her neighbors' credit cards. While dropping sons off at school, she quickly learns which moms leave their wallets on the front seat, who leaves doors unlocked and when the mail arrives. So no one expects the police to show up at her million-dollar home in a perfect cul-de-sac to arrest Lara and her husband.

Lara is convicted of 32 felonies. As an inmate, she learns jail is a class system with a power structure. She finds her lane bringing love and healing to her fellow inmates. Jailhouse politics aren't so different from PTA meetings. When she is released, she follows her writing dreams and becomes a ghostwriter all while learning to forgive herself, navigating life on probation and overcoming the shame of her past.

The Many Lives of Mama Love: A Memoir of Lying, Stealing, Writing, and Healing has been on my TBR for months. It moved up in rotation when Oprah selected it for her Book Club. There were many jaw-dropping moments. Like Lara being air-shanked by a green Jolly Rancher. The pull of addiction. Her journey of earning trust. It is a well-told memoir with elements of shock, truth and triumph. 

Title: The Many Lives of Mama Love
Author: Lara Love Hardin
Published: August 2023
Pages: 319
Edition: eBook
Genre: Memoir
Rating: 🖤 🖤 🖤 🖤 

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