December 8, 2010

One-Two Punch

Imagine Muhammad Ali in the ring. He’s floating like a butterfly, stinging like a bee. His one-two punches are quick and on point. He’s on top of this boxing match and it even looks like he’ll win. Now imagine Muhammad Ali is Alex Cross. Nana Mama, Bree and the kids are cheering from the sidelines. But nobody suspects that the opponent is really someone else.

Amongst all of the chaos in the ring, there is a physical ring that demands attention too. Bree and Alex are planning a wedding. Not to mention there is a team of snipers playing hero by killing corrupt public figures. And Kyle Craig is back with a personal vendetta! He never knew exactly how he’d destroy Alex, but the time has finally come. Through every chapter, I had to brace myself. It’s coming! Is this it? Now? Uh oh it’s time! And then…

The murder case took a backseat. I was just anxious to see how Kyle Craig vs. Alex Cross would result. Recent stand-alone Patterson books have been disappointing. Cross Fire somewhat let me down too. I anticipated this moment when Kyle Craig would return and plot to destroy Alex Cross/Cross family. It was like a three-hour fight that you can't stop watching, and then it ends with a single punch in the last two minutes, but not a TKO.

Rating: ♥♥♥♡