January 26, 2012

Lit Tidbits

There are lots of lit tidbits to report since my holiday break. So grab your favorite hot beverage, sip and read. 

By now, all of you have seen the commercial where the little kid chose the iPad over a physical book. **clutches my pearls** Well according to a report from Sesame Workshop, kids prefer eBooks over print books. I'm sure other centers will conduct similar research studies. Something tells me that print books will be a thing of the past for kids in the next couple generations. 

In other kiddie news, McDonald's plans to include Mudpuddle Farms book vouchers in Happy Meals around the UK.

Lil Wayne will release his prison memoir, Gone Till November, in November 2012. It will be published by Grand Central Publishing. 

Two parents recently challenged The Plymouth-Canton Community Schools AP English class assignment to read Beloved by Toni Morrison. A decision whether to remove the book from this particular Michigan school's AP English program will be determined soon.

Apple released a new free app called iBooks Author that allows writers to make eBooks and publish to the iBookstore. It is available in the Mac App Store now. I plan to play around with it and will post a review later.

A very popular series is coming back to television. Guess who? I will reveal it in a few days.

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