October 1, 2014

Prime Deception

"Why would someone so wonderful and so precious want to cease to exist?" ~ pg. 76

Lorna Thomas had a deal set to sell her story to a British tabloid paper. She had been the Deputy Prime Minister of England's mistress. A couple days before selling her secret, she is found dead. Police ruled that she committed suicide but Laurie, her twin sister, thinks Lorna was murdered. She will do anything to prove it, including working with the man Lorna had an affair with.

Six months later, the unlikely duo—determined twin sister and mourning ex-lover/politician—team up to find the real cause of Lorna's death. The covert investigation lead to more than they predicted it would. Although the mystery was obvious to me from the beginning.

"Charles glanced up from his roast lamb dinner and seized the opportunity of deception, knowing that his role as Deputy Prime Minister was the perfect veil to hide potential indiscretions behind." ~ pg. 28

Author Carys Jones loves to write and create stories to ignite the reader's imagination. She understands the feeling of escapism that readers love when lost in a great story. Prime Deception almost gave me that feeling. The mystery did not drag on but maintained a steady predictable pace. It was interesting enough for me to follow along and pick up clues along with Laurie and Charles. There was enough background info on the main characters to give readers an opinion.

As my bookhearts know, I have a soft spot for UK. It always interests me to read books by England authors. If you aren't familiar with alternate spellings of words, it takes getting used to. However, Carys skillfully avoided such words to make it easier for both UK and US readers to follow. Well done, Carys.

Prime Deception was not a page-turning, nail-biting mystery but it was worth reading to escape the real world for a few hours.

Title: Prime Deception
Author: Carys Jones
Published: April 2014
Pages: 199
Edition: Galley
Rating: ♥♥♥


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