September 9, 2015

Reading Interruptions

I can easily separate the artist from the music. But for some reason, it is not so easy to do with authors. Have you ever stopped reading an author's books because of something he/she did in real life? Did an author's personal life antics turn you off?

Do you read in silence or with music/TV playing in the background?

How do you handle it when people interrupt your reading?


1 comment:

  1. I quit reading Jennifer Weiner after her Internet rants about female authors v. male authors and how they're excluded from various lists. While she whines that authors like Franzen make more, are shelved more, she completely disregards authors of color. Her rants are full of white privilege and it's become a turn off for me. If she was truly in favor of equality for all authors, instead of white women, she could use her voice to promote more works by authors of color. She just seems more concerned with her place on the list.