May 27, 2017

Thick of It

So I am stuck in a rut. But busy at the same time. Allow me to explain.

Dare I say that I have been too busy to read? EEK! So not like me. I pick up a book when I get a spare moment and before I can finish one chapter, I'm out! Like knocked out snoring. Pulling an LM! The books I am currently reading are far from boring. But I am having the most difficult time actually finishing them.

Let me cut the shit–I have not made time for reading books because of new responsibilities occupying my waking hours (more active in the community, mentoring youth, creating a curriculum, enrolled in two Masterclasses, networking with alumni, ghostwriting and editing projects, podcasting more frequently, planning mini-vacays, condos-for-sale stalking, recovering from a personal matter* and slowly getting back into blogging consistently). My dear hearts, that's not all. I'm in the thick of it. How I manage all of this with only 24 hours in a day is beyond me. A chick is tired!

Alas, my lack of reading has caught up to me. I miss my books. I miss fictional characters. I miss escaping the real world and getting lost in pages. I cannot function without my fiction. I am off balance. So let this be the reason I am spending majority of my holiday weekend with some good reads, bumping music, tasty home-cooked food and family fun.

Dear Adulting, the mask is off. I'll be back later.

*See next blogmoir post for more deets.

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