June 7, 2017

The Most Beautiful: My Life with Prince

"After a few years, the coincidences began to feel more like fate."
 ~ pg. 180

Everyone in the world has a Prince story to tell. The women of his life, his family, ex-girlfriends, his band, collaborators and us fans. But this story is Mayte's and hers alone. It is a story only she can tell and I am glad she shares it with us.

Mayte Garcia: the world's youngest professional belly dancer, New Power Generation's solo dancer, Prince's first wife, longtime muse, prodigy and mother of Prince's only child. If anyone is qualified to write about the late great Prince, it is this woman. Their life together from the moment they met backstage at a concert (wonderfully orchestrated by her mom LOL) started as a long-distance friendship and artistic collaboration. It later evolved into a passionate relationship. Whether I believe when the romance actually began is not relevant but I certainly believe Mayte told her candid truth throughout the pages.

"I couldn't begin to scratch the surface of his story in this space—much of it will always be a mystery, even to me—but I've tried to speak to what was most important to me personally." ~ pg. 290

And you did, Mayte. Well done and thank you! As a Prince fan stan, I admit to being skeptical when news broke about this "tell-all" book. I remember having watched Mayte on a reality show and gave a side-eye to her Prince shrine of fine china and things. So did I really want to read about it? My curiosity and respect for her strength as a woman convinced me. I wanted to know more about the woman behind hit song, The Most Beautiful Girl in the World. So I settled in one cloudy afternoon and read, cried, laughed, took a break for music from Purple Rain and read again for the next few days.

The Most Beautiful gave an intimate glimpse into the mysterious artist that I truly miss. I listen to his lyrics differently now knowing more insight. At the same time, it was a reminder that the world lost a pure talented soul. Icons are once in a lifetime; there will never be another Prince. But someday I hope his loved ones and Die 4 U fans find peace.

Title: The Most Beautiful: My Life with Prince
Author: Mayte Garcia
Published: April 2017
Pages: 444
Edition: Hardcover
Rating: ♥♥♥♥♡

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