December 6, 2023

Lit Tidbits: Pithy Picks XIV

Hey, Bookhearts! Pithy Picks are a bookish meme created to help you quickly find books that are worth your time and coins. Just read the pithy reviews below!

Title: Worthy
Edited by:
 Jada Pinkett Smith
Published: October 2023
Pithy Review: Actress, rockstar, Red Table Talk show creator, Jada Pinkett Smith shares her unconventional upbringing, relationships and life. With so much controversy surrounding this book and the passages shared on the Innanet Streets, I feel like I've read the memoir well before I cracked the spine open. Come to find out, the best parts are the ones I already heard in interviews or quotes. I tried not to compare Jada's memoir to her legal husband's; Will's memoir was one of thee best I have ever read. This one? Not so much. This is her journey as she sees it and I recognize the work it took to publish such a personal piece. However, it seemed more of a written path to her self-discovery that was exaggerated for public consumption to paint herself in the best light possible. But do you, girl.
Quote"It feels like I can't grasp my own journey." ~ pg. 279
Recommend or Nah? ⭐️⭐️⭐️

Title: The Woman in Me
Author: Britney Spears
Published: October 2023
Pithy Review: This is the memoir 80s babies didn't know we needed until June 21 when we listened to Britney Spears in open court finally share her truth. She lays it out bare for the world within these pages sparing no feelings, not using false names, and airing out those who wronged her from childhood to present-day. And yet, I get the sense so much more was left unsaid. It is written in her own candid words with no apologies. You better claim your freedom, girl! 
Quote"I shouldn't be this strong." ~ pg. 234
Recommend or Nah? ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

 Opinions: A Decade of Arguments,Criticism, and Minding Other People's Business
Author: Roxane Gay
Published: October 2023
Pithy Review: New essays from bestselling author Roxane Gay? Immediate library reserve! In this new collection, she tackles big issues like politics, race, celebrity happenings, television shows, women's rights, slavery fan fiction, whether it's okay to schedule a daily 8 a.m. meeting and why Black people forgive (because we need to survive). It is the best of her opinions from over the past ten years. I empathized, nodded in agreement and even felt indifferent a couple times. Overall, I thoroughly enjoyed reading chapter after chapter, especially the solicited advice section titled Ask Roxane. Great collection!
Quote"I am 39. I am single. I am a black woman. I have too many advanced degrees. Many a news story tells me finding true love is likely a hopeless proposition." ~ pg. 128
Recommend or Nah? ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

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