May 2, 2010

Lip Smackers & BFF's

The author of Shoe Addicts Anonymous and Secrets of a Shoe Addict has penned a third fiction novel titled Hope in a Jar.

Ever dreaded going to your high school reunion? Hesitant to meet people you didn’t really care about back then, but anxious to see the best friends you’ve grown up with?  Allie and Olivia were the best of friends in high school. Allie was the pretty popular girl, while Olivia had the brains. They were close and shared moments of trading Lip Smackers until a mysterious event caused them to fall out and end their friendship. Now 20 years later, they meet again. Through current happenings and flashbacks, the best friends stories unfold.

As both a chick lit and beauty junkie, Hope in a Jar drew my attention. I read Beth Harbison’s other two chick lit novels and enjoyed them both. She has a way of combining multiple storylines, while keeping it simple and entertaining. This book first reminded me of Jennifer Weiner’s BFF, as it has a similar predictable storyline. The difference is I actually enjoyed this novel, and couldn’t stand to finish Jennifer Weiner’s failed attempt at best friends reunited.

If you are looking for a quick, light read then pick up this book. If you are looking for a serious plot with deep writing, then save Hope in a Jar for a lighter day.

Rating: ♥♥♥

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