May 2, 2010

A Reader's Judgment

I teased my blog readers with a preview of the first 26 chapters of The 9th Judgment FREE. Hopefully everyone had a chance to read it. If you haven’t, please scroll down for the archived post. If you have, please join me for the official review.

Our favorite female detective, Lindsay Boxer, returns with two new cases. A killer is on the loose in San Francisco. An ordinary looking man publicly kills mothers & their babies in cold blood, and then leaves his signature in the victim’s red lipstick. There is also a cat burglar, nicknamed Hello Kitty, who steals jewelry from the upstairs safe while the victims are downstairs hosting a dinner party. At the blink of an eye, one of the robberies goes terribly wrong and turns into a high-profile murder.

Lindsay’s club members Cindy, Claire, and Yuki, have cameos in this 9th installment. Unlike the other books, details of their personal lives are brushed over. The predictable plot focuses on the two cases and the investigations. It was NOT one of the better books of the series.

Perhaps it is time for James Patterson to partner with a different co-author. This isn’t the first time I’ve been disappointed with a Maxine Paetro & James Patterson WMC collabo. I can only hope that the 10th book of the WMC series will be better.

Rating: ♥♥♥

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  1. oohhh that bites, I love your truth. I must admit it doesn't stop me from being anguish to dive in. Keep up the good blogs