June 23, 2010

Expected Endings & Secrets

Victoria Smalls is a Daddy’s girl that did exactly what everyone else wanted her to do. Instead of following her dream, she worked in Corporate America after graduating from the college of her father’s choice. The she was involved in a toxic relationship with, dare I say his name, Neil. After their break-up, she took a much-needed break.

Now a year and a prayer later, Victoria finds herself getting more than she prayed for: two entirely different good men. Ted Thornton is the CEO of the company Victoria works for. He’s been interested in V, the nickname he affectionately calls her, since the day they met. He inconspicuously plans projects and late evening meetings so he can spend time with her. Parker Brightwood is a successful young surgeon that met Victoria while he was on a date with another woman. They meet again, and are inseparable from that point on.

When Ted finally confesses his feelings, V finds herself torn between a powerful white man and a gorgeous black man. Whom she chooses is merely at the expense of the other. Classic copout!

I read this book with my book club as our May BOTM. We all chose it because the description seemed very interesting. The story starts off really slow. It literally took me half an hour (30 minutes) to read the first chapter. I struggled through the remaining chapters. In my opinion, the pace never picked up.

I did not like the author’s writing style. The scenes were too long and redundant. There was unnecessary dialogue and the settings were too descriptive. It took the imagination out because I didn’t have to wonder how the characters looked or the ability to draw my own conclusions.

If the irrelevant parts were removed, the book would be 100 pages instead of 280 pages.

I will admit that it sparked a good discussion. Our book club debated about interracial relationships, whether a white man can raise a black boy, the stereotype of light- and dark-skinned African-Americans, getting along with in-laws, and leaving Corporate America to become an entrepreneur.

I’m conflicted on how to rate Unexpected Interruptions. The book was not all that great and I’m baffled at the 60+ good reviews on Amazon. If a good book means it sparked good conversation, then yes it qualifies. There are underlying issues that led to a debate. After research, we discovered there is a sequel titled Keeping Secrets & Telling Lies. Out of curiosity, I speed-read it with another book club member. It was worse and even more predictable. The story had a big build-up only to be let down. The secret was easy to figure out and revealed early on. It’ll have you saying, “That’s it? Really?”  and throw the book across the room.

In conclusion, it depends on what you consider a good book.

Rating: ♥♥

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