June 16, 2010


Zoe Fishman focuses her debut novel, Balancing Acts, on four college friends reunited after 10 years. They meet every Saturday morning for a six-week yoga class. I usually don't care for stories told through different points of view, but it was a recommendation from a fellow reader and blogger. Thanks for recommending, Kim!

Charlie left a high-paying Wall Street job to pursue yoga. She sees Boston University's alumni night as the prime opportunity to pass out fliers and drum up businesses for her new studio in Brooklyn. Sabine started a career in book publishing with the sole intention of becoming a novelist. Now she can't seem to focus on writing because she's editing romance manuscripts. She doesn't have much time for love either; unless you count the minutes she spends crushing on Subway Guy. Naomi is a single mother who hasn't picked up a camera in years. She dumped photography for web design after a bad breakup. Now Naomi is ready to enter the non-Mommy world. Bess dreams of writing for substance, but instead she's stuck in a rut writing snarky captions for a tabloid. She has an idea for an article that just may help her. She attends the reunion and signs up for the yoga class with an ulterior motive. 

The four friends have three things in common: a past, a dream for their future, and looking for love. In reuniting, they take new chances and face realities. 

I finished this book in one sitting on a sunny Saturday. It was easy to relate to these Brooklyn/Manhattan women. They were so unlike Carrie Bradshaw. These are realistic women dealing with issues and faced with making the same decisions as us. I found a little piece of me in each character. Zoe Fishman has a writing style that flows. It's a great summer read, especially for women who are also finding balance in their lives. 

Yoga anyone?

Rating: ♥♥♥♥

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