September 20, 2010

Mother Wit: Virtual Book Tour

Welcome to the first stop on the virtual book tour for Mother Wit. Two authors, Angelia Vernon Menchan and Dera Williams, team up for a collection of short stories. Mother Wit is about the relationships between mothers and daughters. Each story reveals events that bond them to one another.

I tend to read stories that are relevant to my current mood or state in life. My mother and I both celebrated a birthday this month. She is one of my best friends. I couldn’t imagine our relationship any other way. So when the opportunity arose for me to review a book that explores mother-daughter relationships, I was excited! Mother Wit was right on time. Chickadee, this review is dedicated to you.

I was curious to read about real life issues that bring daughters closer to their mothers, or what could possibly tear them apart. Though some of the real life issues didn’t mirror my own experiences, they made me think. I was able to see the characters point of view when faced with sexual assault, abuse, lack of trust, loyalty, teenage pregnancy, and sickness. As Angelia said, it is amazing how quickly life and circumstances change things and how good comes from the worse situations.

It is my hope that women read Mother Wit for two reasons: to understand and appreciate the special bond between a mother and daughter, and to improve their existing relationships. I recommend this quick read whether you are a mother, stepmother, grandmother, mom-to-be, daughter, or stepdaughter. Although I didn’t care for two out of the five short stories, there are lessons within each story for us all.

Rating: ♥♥♥

Disclaimer: This book was received from the author for review purposes. In no way does it influence my review.


Angelia Vernon Menchan is a wife, mother, mentor, writer, publisher, and child of God; whose goal is to reach as many as she can through the written word and do what God has asked of her, Mentor by Writing. Angelia resides in Jacksonville, Florida with her love of 32 years; Maurice Menchan. Mother Wit is her 10th book published through her company MAmm Productions since 2006.  Visit her at or 

Dera R. Williams lives, works and plays in the Oakland/Bay Area where she is employed at a local community college. Proud of her southern roots, she is the family historian and storyteller. As a writer she has contributed to several anthologies and journals, most recently, Go, Tell Michelle: African American Women Write to the New First Lady. Dera had also done academic writing for reference manuals. She is a book reviewer in print and online publications, and active in local literary events.

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  1. First, I'd like to say I love my Daughter very much. Thanks for the dedication.
    With love Mom

  2. Thanks for the awesome review. You're the bestest!

  3. I am currently reading this after recently getting through Mrs Black by Ms Angelia and as usual, I am not disappointed. Go pick you up a copy!

  4. Awww, you're welcome Chickadee. I'm so proud that you're my Mom. Happy Birthday!

    Angelia, great collection and idea! I hope to read more about some of the characters in a full story in the future.

    Spinks, thank YOU for the opportunity. Virtual book tours are a hit!

    'Cilia, what are you waiting on? Pick up that book and read.

    Rightside, thanks for visiting and supporting the authors.

    Dr. Taylor, let me know how you like Mother Wit once you finish.

  5. Please enter the giveaway and share with your friends.

  6. Hello Literary Marie,
    Thanks for the welcome. Love your blog. I am PST so it takes me awhile to get to my email while I am at work.

    I hope you enjoy Folake.

    Get your read on Cilla.

    Hey Angelia, I see you checked in early.

  7. Thanks Dera! Great job with this book. I look forward to reading more from you soon too.