September 14, 2010

Thin, Rich, & Pretty Boring

Thin, Rich, Pretty is Beth Harbison’s latest fiction novel. It bounces between present day and camp twenty years ago. In the past, Holly was short and fat. She was always teased about her weight. Nicola was always made fun of because of her big nose. So who was the camp bully? Lexi Henderson, a spoiled rich girl who appears to have it all but secretly feels alone. One day, Holly and Nicola decide to teach Lexi a lesson. They have no idea how much one small prank will really affect her. 
Now twenty years later, the women are all grown up in their early 30’s. Holly is still having weight issues. When her boyfriend offers a pre-engagement with the stipulation that she loses a few pounds, she goes on a strict diet, basically starvation, to be thin. Meanwhile, her good friend Nicola is having difficulty getting acting jobs. Her agent insists its because she’s not pretty enough. Nicola figures the best solution is to get a nose job. And Lexi isn’t so rich anymore. Their individual plans to get thin, rich, and pretty backfire. 
The unfolding of the storyline is boring. This isn’t a book you would rush out to purchase and read. I actually borrowed it from the library and was quite disappointed. I found myself rushing through the pages hoping to end my boredom. The events are too predictable.  Other books by Beth Harbison are much better reads, but somehow this one didn’t quite match up. It is more suitable for young adult readers, not chick-lit lovers in their 30’s.

Rating: ♥♥

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