June 29, 2011

J Hud, Flavor Flav, Kwame & Carole King Memoirs

Everyone wants to write a book. On one hand, it is annoying because everyone is not an author. On the other hand, it provides for good blog material, manuscript editing, and entertainment. Especially the memoirs from celebrities.

Weight Watchers Magazine January/February 2011 (Success! How Jennifer Hudson Found It!)American Idol contestant, singer, Oscar award winning actress, and now Weight Watchers spokesperson Jennifer Hudson is writing a weight loss memoir. I don't expect her to share feelings of her family's tragic deaths, or details of her marriage to pro wrestler David "Punk" Otunga. But of all things to write about, she chooses to share inspirational weight loss and exercise tips. Okay, J Hud.

Flavor Flav: The Icon The Memoir
Flavor Flav's memoir, The Icon, was released May 11. He reveals that he spent $5.7 million on drugs in six years. That equals $2,600 spent on drugs daily! He also reveals that he lost his virginity at age six to a girl of the same age. Just from watching his VH1 reality shows, I can tell his memoir will be entertaining. Has anyone tried his chicken by the way?

Former Mayor of Detroit Kwame Kilpatrick wrote a biography titled Surrendered: The Rise, Fall & Revelation of Kwame Kilpatrick. He claims to reveal the truth about his life in the past decade. "I'm ready to talk about everything," he says. Suuuuuure. I doubt that he will speak candidly. I doubt he will really tell of the scandals he was involved in. I seriously doubt he will finally admit to the mansion party. Maybe his supporters will pre-order the book set to release in late July. I, however, am a resident of Detroit and experienced first-hand the effects of his actions. I won't even borrow it from the library, let alone spend a dime purchasing. If an ARC happens to appear in my mail, then I will read and provide an unbiased review.

It's certainly not too late for singer-songwriter-pianist Carole King to release her own memoir. A Natural Woman will be published by Grand Central Publishing in April 2012. It will cover her growing up in Brooklyn, rise to the top of pop charts, and her current life as an environmental and political activist. She's won four Grammy Awards, sold more than 10 million copies of the Tapestry album, and was also inducted to the Songwriters Hall of Fame. Carole King is one of Chickadee's all-time faves, so this is definitely being added to the TBR pile.

Do you plan to read any of the above?

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