November 6, 2012

Any Way You Want It

"But I also think if two people are already attracted to each other, it's only a matter of time before they're going to act on those feelings—tropical island or not." ~ pg. 56 

Elite For You Companions is a legitimate escort service with a strict rule: companionship, not sex. The owner, Zandra Kennedy, prides herself on running a successful business. She will allow no one to ruin her career. Former Navy SEAL Remington Brand is Zandra's childhood friend. He's been keeping a secret for years. Pssst...he is in love with Zandra! The friends spend a Caribbean vacation together that leads to mind-blowing, passionate encounters. Remy wants more, but will Zandra want her fantasies to become reality? Meanwhile, a betrayal could shatter their lifelong friendship and compromise the escort service.

I've wanted to read more about Zandra and Remington's friendship after reading Whatever You Like. The pair have been friends only for over 25 years. I was curious to know whether their friendship would develop into more; whether the wait for a new book about a Brand brother was worth it. And yes, it was. Any Way You Want It lived up to my expectations. Maureen Smith flawlessly told this erotic love story. It is sizzling, steamy and romantic.

Any Way You Want It will be published next Tuesday, November 13. Be sure to download or purchase a copy of this erotic fiction book. Find out if it has a happy ending (pun all the way intended).

Title: Any Way You Want It
Author: Maureen Smith
Published: November 2012
Pages: 331
Edition: Galley
Rating: ♥♥♥♥

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