September 3, 2013


"Murder can be made to look like suicide, and suicide can be made to look like murder." ~ pg. 7

Ben is obsessed with Diana, a woman he can never have, especially since Diana is found dead outside her apartment. Ben's obsession urges him to find out who killed Diana and why. He soon discovers she was leading a double life: a sweet Midwestern girl, and a manipulative mistress in the political world of Washington DC. Someone, presumably Diana's killer, is determined to stop Ben from finding out the truth. And so the chase and hunt begins.

**throws hands up and closes eBook** Yes, that is correct. I didn't even finish reading Mistress. There are way too many books in my TBR pile to waste time reading this disappointment. "Scariest, sexiest standalone thriller" my ass. I made a bad decision reading this standalone book with the ASSumption it would be good.

"When I'm asleep, I can't make any bad decisions." ~ pg. 24

Title: Mistress
Author: James Patterson
Published: August 2013
Pages: 339
Edition: eBook
Rating: ♥



  1. I just read another great review about this book! I love James Patterson because of his great style of writing and ability to write amazing mysteries; my favorite genre! You should check out “Publics: Libertas Aut Mors” by Baltazar Bolado, My sister recommended it to me and it was a fantastic book. Thanks for the post, I'm definitely checking out "Mistress" at some point!

    1. Thanks, Ms. King, but I wouldn't call this another great review about this book. I rated Mistress 1 out of 5. Let me know your thoughts once you read it.

  2. Marie, my wife just finished "Mistress" and she loved it. I was checking out the book you recommended and found that the correct title is “Publius: Libertas Aut Mors”; just as an FYI. Thanks for the post and Marie, thanks for the suggestion.