October 7, 2015

Cram Season

EEK! Where did the year go; it's already October! I am just realizing that I have less than three (3) months to read all books from my TBR pile that were released in 2015 along with certain recommendations. I feel like I'm a schoolgirl and the teacher has announced, "Five minutes left to turn in exam!" Then I look down at my place on the exam and realize I might not make it to the end. Time for cram reading!

So how do I cram? First, I scroll through my TBR pile/bookshelf and rearrange the order. I move all books released in 2015 to the top of my pile followed by recent recommendations from bookhearts. Then I quickly check my progress with reading challenges. I move more books toward the top of my pile that will help in meeting my reading challenges goals. I check my calendar and designate specific days just to read, as well as sign up for Dewey's 24 Hour Readathon (Saturday, October 17, 2015). To stay on task, I immediately write and post a review after finishing a book. This allows me to move on to the next novel with a clear angular gyrus (part of brain associated with reading, writing and comprehension).

With books organized, snacks and liquid crack on deck and scheduled time to read/write, I am all set for cram season!

Happy Reading, Bookhearts!


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