October 21, 2015

Our Souls at Night

"What do you do before you sleep?" ~ pg. 16

I am not the neighborly kind but this bittersweet inspiring story pulled at my heart strings. Sometimes neighbors really can come together, even in advanced age, to support each other during events in their life. Seventy-year-old neighbors Addie Moore and Louis Waters live in Holt, Colorado. Their spouses died years ago and their children live hours away. Both have been living alone with no one to talk to and lonely nights. So Addie makes a proposal to Louis: come to her house and sleep with her. No sex, only companionship and someone to get through the night with.

Kent Haruf is a new author to me. Our Souls at Night is a good example of American literature. From the first chapter, my heart warmed to Addie and Louis. It took a few chapters to get used to Haruf's writing style of no quotation marks for dialogue, but it somehow helped to move the story along. I would like to see this book adapted to a TV movie; it seems perfect for Lifetime Movie Network.

I recommend Our Souls at Night for a quick read during a chilly fall night in front of your fireplace. I didn't care for the abrupt ending but tis is how real life is. It will also make a good book club for mature middle-aged women. Bookhearts, this is grown romance.

Title: Our Souls at Night
Author: Kent Haruf
Published: May 2015 
Pages: 127
Edition: eBook
Challenge: New Authors
Rating: ♥♥♥


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