February 21, 2018

L Dot's Freestyle / We Family

I got bloodlines in Orleans
That explains the VooDoo
Got words and numbers in my pen
Thank God for journals too
Wit and intelligence from Choctaw of Oklahoma
Incense and candles are our usual home aroma
Spirits influence lives of the Sioux
Everyone claims to be Indian though
Every day I see a new freckle
Visual evidence of the Irish speckle
Curvy like a true southern belle
Those southern roots did me well
May not be the same hue as you
But my family's black is magic too
And thank the heavens for motivatin'
Us to excel in our lanes
We break glass ceilings and chains
And we are always expressing
How much family is a blessing
I freestyle so casually
'Cause we family
Boom spadealaka ♠️♥️ Boom spadealaka                                             

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