September 6, 2018

Something in the Water

"I suppose, at the end of the day, if you're not good-looking, you don't get away with being a bad boy. You just get called a thug." ~ 63%

A honeymoon in paradise changes the lives of a couple indefinitely. Erin is a documentary filmmaker married to Mark, an investment banker. They find something in the waters of Bora Bora while scuba diving. It's not their property so do they leave it alone or check it out? Their next decision starts a chain of events that ends with digging a grave.

I am always interested in books that feature a main character working in the world of finance. It was clear that Catherine Steadman did her research and included accurate background information. Or perhaps she was lucky enough to have a close friend/relative that she could run the facts by. Either way, well portrayed.

"He's done garden leave before—everyone who works in the financial sector has to take a mandatory leave between jobs; it's supposed to stop insider trading but it's essentially a two-month paid vacation." ~ pg. 20

Now how can I put this? I tune out any conversation that begins with "at the end of the day" because it irks me to no end. Will the thought change if it were, say...the beginning of a day? Probably not. Could people find a better way to finish an argument? Of course. Urban Dictionary calls it an irritating verbal crutch used by morons and I cannot agree more!

So what do I think about authors that use this annoying phrase in character dialogue? I could certainly do without it. But it fit these characters perfectly. They were idiots from the moment they brought danger home to the very last page. If the author's intent was to make readers dislike the main characters or make an example of what NOT to do while on vacation, then well done. But it took away from the story because I disliked the couple so much. At the same time, it was a page-turner! I couldn't wait to read what they would stupidly do next or if they would finally wise up.

Was this book a waste of my time? By no means! Because at the end of the day, Something in the Water offered me an escape into fiction.

Title: Something in the Water
Author: Catherine Steadman
Published: June 2018
Pages: 342
Edition: Hardcover
Rating: 🖤 🖤 🖤

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