November 17, 2020

Here is the Beehive

"But there is little meaning in the slant of words unless a listener replies." ~ pg. 276

It's lonely living in a secret, as Sarah Crossan reminds us in Here is the Beehive. Estate lawyer, Ana Kelly, is used to death. It's her job to plan for it. A large part of her day is speaking with next of kin. But a phone call from her lover's wife is the last thing she's prepared to handle. The widow calmly explains that Connor was killed in an accident. Well that's news to Ana!

Ana secretly dated for Connor for three years. He was married. She was married. They spent weekends away in hotels and were very careful to not get caught. But she had no idea he died. It takes every bit of professional demeanor to help console the widow and settle Connor's estate. In a strange and sometimes funny way, Ana gets through it.

"I turn a page, though I have been reading the same paragraph for two weeks." ~ pg. 179

Here is the Beehive is so original. Never have I read such a storyline with a scenario that could happen in real life. It really isn't far-fetched! I enjoyed reading through Ana's grief, memories, jealousy and bitterness. Though at times, she was a bit dramatic to be the side-chick. It would have been nice to read an alternate point of view from Connor's wife. How much did she really know? What was their marriage really like? It left a lot unanswered.

I know a book is good when I don't realize how many pages I've read or how long it really is. Maybe because it is told in verse but it did not feel like 330+ pages. There was no filler. No unnecessary words. No drawn out descriptions or dialogue. It was just right for the content. 

Here is the Beehive is an example of why I love reading Sarah Crossan's writing style. Soooooo, can we get a sequel with the wife as narrator? *hint hint*

Happy Pub Day, Sarah Crossan! Here is the Beehive is now available.

Disclaimer: An advance copy was received directly from the publisher in exchange for an honest review. Opinions are my own and would be the same if I spent my hard-earned coins.

Title: Here is the Beehive
Author: Sarah Crossan
Published: November 2020
Pages: 339
Edition: Galley
Rating: 🖤 🖤 🖤 🖤


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