June 11, 2024

DNF of 2024 So Far

Bookhearts, you are familiar with my 50-Page Rule. I am generally picky about adding books to my TBR but sometimes the dark side Kermit whispers, "add to your collection anyway." Then I become real particular about which books I spend my time reading. I'll give 50 pages (or 15%) but #dassit.

I marked seven (7) books as DNF so far this year. The purpose of this post is to share my reason(s) in an effort to help books find its intended audience. May these books find a new home where they will be finished and enjoyed.
  1. Eruption by James Patterson and Michael Crichton ~ Overhyped and clashing writing style.
  2. When Cicadas Cry by Caroline Cleveland ~ Too slow. Lacks originality.
  3. House of Glass by Sarah Pekkanen ~ Pivotal moments lack development. Useless deets.
  4. One of Us Knows by Alyssa Cole ~ Cannot quite name what it is but nope.
  5. A Mythical Case of Arson by Melissa Erin Jackson ~ Just not flowing.
  6. Missing White Woman by Kellye Garrett ~ Falling short already.
  7. The Fury by Alex Michaelides ~ Started off interestingly different (not in a good way).

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