About Literary Marie

Reader ♠️ Reviewer 🖤 Copyeditor ♠️ Podcaster 🖤 Migraineur
Allow me to re-introduce myself. My name is Literary MarieI am a chick that cannot function without fiction. It all started with being hooked on phonics at the tender age of two years old. That soon developed into ordering Ramona, The Babysitter's Club, and R.L. Stine through Highlights and Scholastic. Then began the tradition of buddy reads with my mom (lovingly referred to as Chickadee) starting with the author that taught a lot about being a girl: Judy Blume. Now I read and copyedit all genres; although, my favorites are chick-lit, diversity fiction, historical romance, psychological suspense and mystery from both new and established authors. I created Precision Revision because I am an advocate for readers, writers, self-published authors, fellow bibliophiles and librocubicularists.

Reading books is my passion but television gives me an escape as well. I am able to get lost in someone else's world just by turning the pages of a book or tuning in to the TV screen. I was that kid with her nose in a book while others were watching cartoons. I came from the generation when family drama and comedy ruled majority of screen time. Then came reality TV shows like Big Brother. Unfortunately after a few seasons I noticed the lack of diversity in casting houseguests. I discovered an awesomesauce podcast titled "Sistah Speak" where two intelligent, hilarious women of color discussed Big Brother from a sistah's point of view. Now it feels surreal to be Sistah LM, a co-host of Sistah Speak: Big Brother, Queen Sugar, Claws, Power Book II: Ghost, American Gods, Fringe, After Show, Reality and Ask the Sistahs Podcasts along with TV and movie commentary. How fun it is to share thoughts and laughs with my Sistahs and listeners around the world. It is like a never-ending convo! Our annual family reunions with the Sistah Speak Nation are legendary!

What more does this chick do?! A lot, actually. Add foodie and shopaholic to the list thanks to my dad (lovingly referred to as Homie). We love cooking a good meal together and indulging in retail therapy. I mentor young adults in financial literacy. Through my Blogmoir, you will also see that I am very transparent about the Life of a Migraineur and with my treatment. There are days that I cannot pick up a book and read because my fingers are numb and my vision is blurry. I couldn't turn a page or reach for the remote if I wanted to. I cannot go outside and feel the sun on my brown skin because light hurts. The only moves I can make are to and from the bathroom because of nausea. Unfortunately this has been my life since I was four years old. So on migraine-free days, I cram in everything I want and need to do. I live my best day every day that I am well. I raise awareness for migraines; I encourage people of all ages to read more, network maturely, grow professionally, spend responsibly and experience life abundantly.