February 7, 2010

Bible Study for the Modern Girl

Happy Sunday!

You may have noticed that two books stay on my Currently Reading bookshelf: The Life Application Study Bible New King James Version and my current book in the Modern Girl's Bible Study series by Jen Hatmaker. 

The Life Application Study Bible in NKJV by Tyndale is the best Bible I own. The language is easier to read than the standard King James version, offers helpful footnotes, maps, character references, Bible in one year index, and book introductions. I highly recommend this Bible to anyone who belongs to a Bible Study group, or does daily Bible reading.

Studying the Bible isn't easy. It doesn't matter if you are a regular church goer, or the person who occasionally looks up scriptures that pertains to your current situation. Author Jen Hatmaker makes it fun to learn the Bible. In a refreshing way, she makes you laugh, think, and develop a deeper spiritual relationship through God's Word. 

The first book of A Modern Girl's Guide to Bible Study suggests studying techniques, journaling strategies, and other useful tools. I highly recommend this to anyone who is a member of a women's group, or just a busy woman who likes "me" time. The topics are relatable and I learned quite a few approaches to studying the Bible. I'll be honest, I had fears and insecurities. I didn't understand biblical history and was not knowledgeable of scriptures. I was less intimidated reading the 2008 Black Issue of Vogue magazine. This book helped me to overcome those fears and actually look forward to studying the Word. Now I find that reading the Bible is a fun habit.

Tune In: Hearing God's Voice Through the Static is the second book in A Modern Girl's Guide to Bible Study series. Have you ever wished that we could hear God talk to us as clearly as our friends do? Can you hear God through the constant ringing of your cellphone and the horns blaring through rush hour traffic? The silly, sarcastic Jen Hatmaker guides you through how to tune in to God's voice. I am currently reading Tune In.

The third book, Road Trip: Five Adventures You're Meant To Live, reminds you of a girl's night out or a road trip with your besties. Six lessons cover topics that are important to women.

Girl Talk: Getting Past the Chit Chat is a five-week study focusing on friendship. 

The final book is titled Make Over: Revitalizing the Many Roles You Fill. It features thirty-minute devotionals in a simple six-week format. Perfect for the busy chick that wishes to have bible study in a fun casual format. 

So grab a hot cup of tea, your Snuggie, a journal, pen, and Study Bible. Join me for a modern's girl Bible study!

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