February 10, 2010

Queen of Babble

Do you have a friend that babbles everything? Do you have the gift of gab? Then you definitely relate to this funny series about the Queen of Babble.

Lizzie had it all figured out. She lost 30 pounds, off to spend the summer with her British boyfriend, and a recent college graduate. Or so she thought. Within days, she realizes she's not a graduate after all until her thesis is complete. Her boyfriend, that she spent all of 24 hours with, is a gambling cheat who calls her fat. And worst of all, she is far away from home with nowhere to go. Thanks to her big mouth, Lizzie ends up meeting a stranger on the train to France and spills everything. Oh the horror of realizing he's not a stranger after all, but is actually her host for the remainder of the summer at a vineyard called Mirac. Awkward!

The second installment of the Queen of Babble series takes us to the next chapter of Lizzie's life. She has turned in her thesis and moved to New York with her real life prince, Luke, best friend Shari and Chaz. Before long, Lizzie has found her dream job restoring wedding gowns. Well, it's more like an unpaid internship. Until Lizzie restores a tragic gown for a well-known celebrity and gets major publicity. To make things more surprising, the original Queen of Babble actually keeps a couple secrets. She doesn't reveal to family that she is living with her boyfriend; or that said boyfriend's very married mother is getting mysterious phone calls from a gentlemen. A grown up Lizzie realizes her worth professionally and personally. 

The wedding gown specialist is getting hitched to the man of her dreams! How appropriate! The third and final installment of the Queen of Babble chick lit series opens with Lizzie in bed with one man, and engaged to another. Not to mention, the Chez Henri shop is booming in business thanks to our main character. Lizzie takes on the responsibility of solely managing the shop, hiring help, raking in more clients, and juggling her feelings. Through restless nights, doubts, cold feet, and working overtime Lizzie Nichols finally sits down long enough to plan the wedding and life she always wanted. With an unexpected twist, the series ends. Even with the curveball, Queen of Babble fans will not be disappointed. In fact, you may have suspected it all along. 

Kudos to Meg Cabot for introducing such a realistic American girl who gets to live the American dream. Throughout the series, I especially like the excerpts about the history of fashion, history of weddings, and tips for brides. These are sure to come in handy for later reference! Meg Cabot weaves a funny tale featuring Lizzie's gift of gab that is sure to keep you entertained. Good job, Meg Cabot. You have acquired a new fan of your witty, charming chick lit. If you are a Sophie Kinsella fan, you should enjoy these three (3) quick, light and quirky reads. 

Rating: ♥♥♥

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