February 23, 2010

Chick Lit Meets Mystery

Author Jill Brock has mastered the art of writing chick lit and mystery in the same novel. Before I get into the reviews, let me ask a couple questions.

1) Do you enjoy chick lit?
2) Are you in the mood for a good mystery?
3) Are you a sucker for unforgettable characters that return with new adventures?

If you answered yes to any of the above questions, then add the Maggie & Odessa Mysteries to your TBR pile.

Odessa Wilkes had it all: a project head job at an advertisement agency, a two-year relationship with a loving man, and a successful life living in New York City. In less than a New York minute, her world flips upside down. She loses her job thanks to an embezzling boss. Carrying her desk belongings in a box walking on the street, her boyfriend suddenly dumps her. He didn't even offer to carry the heavy box like the gentlemen Odessa knew him to be. On the same day, she was trapped in a subway fire. Odessa developed anxiety attacks from all the stress. Right now the only thing that relaxes her is baking desserts for the family restaurant, Blue Moon.

Just when things seem calm, Odessa's best friend, Maggie Swift, storms into Blue Moon unexpectantly with her ADD son in tow. The homemaker needs help finding her missing husband, Roger. Could Roger be having an affair? Or has something gone terribly wrong with his insurance career? Instead of alerting authorities, the two best friends set out to become Private Investigators. Their friendship and personal lives change during the search for Roger. Odessa discovers a new life and love interest when she least expects it. Maggie gains a new career and independence.

This book is filled with comedic adventures of the amateur detectives. Author Jill Brock's debut novel is a fast, great weekend read. The plot is engaging and descriptive. The characters are memorable and hilarious. Jill Brock describes the setting and characters in such vivid detail; it was like watching it on the big screen. There are moments you will literally laugh out loud, and other moments you feel the emotions of the character as if you're really there. If you're looking for light, fun reading and a story to escape in, I recommend picking up and reading
Pennywise, the first novel of a mystery series. 

In Drop Dead Delicious, Odessa Wilkes and her best friend, Maggie Swift, are back in another hilarious mystery. Odessa has recovered from her anxiety attacks and started a new life. Comfortably baking desserts at her family's restaurant, The Blue Moon, and settled into her new romantic relationship, all seems well and calm. Then Odessa's embezzling ex-boss from Eastman & Kendrick, Burke Peterson, comes back. Did he make some kind of deal? Why is Burke back in town? Is Odessa going to kill him like she always planned?

Much to everyone's surprise, Odessa has the opposite reaction. She greets Burke Peterson with a huge warm hug. Maggie is confused. Lee goes into crazy boyfriend mode and shows a jealous streak. Candace just wants everyone to stop making a scene in front of the customers. Burke soon obliges the crowd and makes an exit, leaving behind his wallet. Its not long before Maggie & Odessa try to find out why Burke has returned and if he's really guilty of embezzlement.

Meanwhile, Odessa has entered a Bake Off contest. She needs to determine the best recipe ever in order to win. If only her Aunt left behind the recipes to her delicious cakes like she left behind handmade quilts.

This book is filled with comedic adventures of the amateur detectives. The plot has multiple storylines, but very easy to keep up with. The characters are just as memorable and hilarious as when we first met them in

Rating: ♥♥♥♥


  1. Pennywise and Drop Dead Delicious takes a bow with 5 Stars for this new dynamic duo.

  2. Yes, Maggie & Odessa are a dynamic duo. Their adventures are comedic and unpredictable.