January 11, 2011

Goodreads Launches New Releases Mailer

Goodreads has launched a new mailer for New Releases. It is sent monthly to members and includes new books from authors based on what the members have actually read. The recommendations are tailored toward your bookshelf, not whatever is popular. I love this new mailer because it guarantees I'll never miss a new release by my fave authors.

If you want to explore outside of your favorites, there is an option to receive the top titles in 12 different genres: Fiction, Nonfiction, Historical Fiction, Young Adult, Children's, History & Biography, Memoir & Autobiography, Mystery & Thriller, Romance, Science Fiction, Fantasy, and Graphic Novels & Comics.

The January newsletter was received in my inbox yesterday. Did you get yours? 


  1. Do you like this better than Shelfari?

  2. I like and use Shelfari and Goodreads for different purposes. Goodreads is better for tracking the progress and status while reading a book, and also calculating the total number of books read in a year. The home page is similar to FB, but filled with your friends book activity.

    Not too many people use Shelfari, but I like it for my virtual bookshelves.