February 21, 2011

What Would Nina Simone Do?

Shay Dixon is a burnt-out grad student who takes the advice of Nina Simone. "Go home," the deceased jazz singer says. So Shay picks up the phone and calls Nona, her drunken mother that she's not spoken to in seven years. Shay hops in her '72 VW Bug and heads back to Denver. To her surprise, Nona is now a sober A.A. sponsor with a good job, stable home, and a beautiful three-year-old daughter.

Shay struggles with a secret (trichotillomania) and anger issues, while Nona fights for her daughter's forgiveness. 

Nikki Giovanni states this is "a wonderful, jazzy, exciting read." I have to agree. This is a great quirky brown read. Author Carleen Brice has a knack for storytelling. This is a realistic story about mothers and daughters, growing into your own, rebirth, forgiveness and acceptance. I highly recommend the book and the Lifetime movie starring Jill Scott, Sins of the Mother. Grab your fave cup of tea and honey, watch the movie trailer below, and order the book today.

Title: Orange Mint and Honey
Author: Carleen Brice
Published: February 2008
Pages: 324
Edition: Paperback
Rating: ♥♥♥♥


  1. I love this book too! And Carleen sent me an autographed copy! Ain't that some.

  2. You were the one who recommended the movie, Spinks. Thanks!

  3. Fan of Nina Simone...*searching through Lifetime* Thanks for the recommendation.