February 26, 2011

Whatever You Like AND Some

Lena Morrison is a grant writer by day, an escort by night. All is well until a date with Idris Elba look-alike, Roderick Brand, leaves her with an offer she can't refuse. Roderick offers three weeks of fulfilling his sexual fantasies in exchange for a million dollar grant that will guarantee a promotion in her day job. Vowing never to mix business with pleasure, she is forced to make a decision that may ruin a friendship, her career, family and future.

Whatever You Like drew in because of the hawt cover. It is the typical steamy love affair story with a predictable ending. It definitely sets the stage for a sequel or spinoff featuring one of the supporting characters. I'm keeping an eye out for more fiction books by author Maureen Smith. Her writing is similar to the well-known romance author, Brenda Jackson. If you like sizzling, erotic romance novels, then this is it!

Title: Whatever You Like
Author: Maureen Smith
Published: November 2010
Pages: 209
Edition: eBook
Rating: ♥♥


  1. Sounds much like my favorite movie...PRETTY WOMAN!!