March 16, 2011

Open & Shut

Susan B. Anthony Rabinowitz Gersten lived the American dream. She had a perfect marriage with a loving husband and four-year-old triplets. Then one random morning, Susie wakes up to an empty bed. Her husband was missing! 

Popular plastic surgeon, Dr. Jonah Gersten, is found stabbed to death in the apartment of an escort/call girl. Now Susie is left with four-year-old triplets and mind full of unanswered questions. Who killed her husband? Was he a client of the escort? Why was he stabbed only twice? The police believe it is an open and shut case, but Susie's instincts lead her to think there is more to the story. 

As widow Susie searches for answers, we see her personal growth. I kept reading to find out if Dr. Gersten was faithful to the end, or if he was secretly disloyal to their marriage. It was a good balance of dialogue and description, but at times the main character seemed to ramble. Perhaps this was the author's way of expressing Susie's anxiety, confusion, and eagerness to find the truth. Like the author stated in an essay, what kept me interested was Susie's puzzlement. I also liked her stylish sidekick, Grandma Ethel.  It wasn't long before I too was trying to solve the murder mystery. In that sense, it reminded me of a Matlock episode.  

As Husbands Go is not Susan Isaacs' best. Faithful readers of this author may even be disappointed and deem it not worthy of reading. Nevertheless, this is a good book club selection for middle-aged settled women. For a complete reading group guide, click here

Title: As Husbands Go
Author: Susan Isaacs
Published: July 2010, Paperback April 2011
Pages: 342
Edition: ARC
Rating: ♥♥♡

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