March 26, 2011

US vs. UK

"US vs. UK" was created by Jenny from Wondrous Reads and it compares covers from books released in the two countries. 

Today's comparison is Heart of the Matter by Emily Giffin. The US version of Emily Giffin's novels all look the same. The author's name is at the top in lowercase letters with the book title centered on the cover. It gives no indication of the book's subject. The UK version offers a blurb that says, "The people you love most are the hardest to hold on to." It also has the image of a woman leading a small child. Even though the US cover is bland, I still favor it more. Giffin's covers are now familiar and I trust anything she writes. The UK cover looks like it's a sad story of a woman who wasn't able to hold on to her child. Very misleading!

Which cover do you favor?

Total: US 1, UK 1 


  1. I liked the UK one better ... just so much more message in the cover than the US one

  2. The UK cover carries a message, but I think it's misleading.