March 19, 2011

US vs. UK

Everyone knows I'm completely obsessed with the UK. While reading Ashley's Bookaholic Does Blogging, I came across a new bookish meme called "US vs. UK." It was created by Jenny from Wondrous Reads and it compares covers from books released in the two countries.

Today's comparison is Tick Tock by James Patterson. The US version is bold and focuses on the book's title. The UK version gives a brief synopsis of the book with the image of a man presumed to be Detective Michael Bennett. Although I don't imagine the main character in this series to look like the image, I favor the UK cover. It grabs my attention and isn't as bland as the US cover.

Which cover do you favor?

Total: US 0, UK 1


  1. UK, for sure.

    Thanks for the encouragement buddy:) I appreciate it.

  2. I got to go with the us cover. TIc Tock, all about the time, that hour, down to the minute. I would of grabbed it. a man, don't we see them on covers all the time. lol.

  3. True, we see men on covers all of the time. The UK cover has a clock in the background too.

  4. I say UK! Not only does dude look like a man of color LOL! but it reminds me of some of that Jack Bauer type ..... 24 baby right down to the last milli-second.

  5. Yaaaaasss Spinks! Even though Detective Bennett is not a man of color, I am feeling his deep tan on the UK cover.