February 27, 2013

Single Girl Summer

"Every woman is entitled to a reality TV moment." ~ pg. 69
Button Jackson knows two things are certain: all men cheat and all women are rivals. She hasn't had a serious boyfriend or girl friends for years. She trusts no one. Meghan Cherry is fresh out of a divorce and unsure why relationships just don't work when she gives her all. Dawn Martin is expecting a marriage proposal any day now, but her boyfriend is sending mixed signals. 

This story is based in the big city of Chicago. Somehow these three ladies are brought together by chance. They bond over Single Girl Sangria (recipe included in the book), give each other advice and share their current dating woes. Every girl has a season—and this summer belongs to Button, Meghan and Dawn so they can grow and explore.

Liking the characters in a book is very important to me. I need to relate to them, understand them, and not side-eye their actions. It took a few chapters to warm up to Button. With the portrayals of black women today in reality TV, it was refreshing to read about these three positive black women forming healthy friendships. I recommend Single Girl Summer for women book clubs. It will be a good selection for this summer.

Title: Single Girl Summer
Author: Deanna Kimberly Burrell
Published: June 2011
Pages: 204
Edition: eBook
Rating: ♥♥♥


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