May 21, 2014


"How long can a memory replay before your mind short circuits?" ~ pg. 17

Never mind the attractive cover. Never mind the 3,000+ positive reviews on a 3-month-old book. I chose to read Unravel simply because the author's last name is Read. In my experience as a copyeditor and book reviewer, great books are written by readers. So with a last name like that, Unravel must be a good read, right?

Forget the first line; the first page captured my attention. It's been thirty days since Naomi Carradine was involuntarily admitted to a mental health institute, 720 hours to be exact. Minds are wasting away around her. Screams turn into moans. She is barely coasting above insanity. According to Lachlan, the boy who stole her heart and possesses her soul, she is losing her mind. According to Max, the guy who haunts her thoughts, she is not crazy. The only way to figure out whether Naomi belongs in the psych ward is to unravel the past.

"He's going to come out as the sane one. His words will make sense before mine ever will." ~ pg. 11

The writing is so personal that I can feel Naomi's inner conflict. I can feel how hard she fights to stay in the present. I can understand her inability to trust and open up to people, whether it is Lachlan, doctors, other patients or the mysterious Max. From the first word to the last letter, Unravel is a well written novel for mature readers that may figure out the twist early on but enjoy how it unravels.

Title: Unravel
Author: Calia Read
Published: February 2014
Pages: 241
Edition: eBook
Rating: ♥♥♥♥


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