April 22, 2015

Lit Pick: 32 Lessons for Living a Life You Love

Title: 32 Lessons for Living a Life You Love
Author: Kristin Denise Hemingway
Published: April 2015

We all go through phases in life that are just not that enjoyable. 32 Lessons for Living a Life You Love helps you to learn from someone that has been through the gamut and still come out with joy on the other side. Let this little bit of inspiration encourage you through your day and help you to maximize your potential for joy in your life!

I highly recommend this book for buddy reads, self-reflection and book clubs looking for an inspirational selection. Read this new release free with Kindle Unlimited or download the eBook Kindle version for only $4.99. The paperback is available for only $8.17 on Amazon or $8.99 at Barnes & Noble. It is well worth your coins.

About the Author:
Kristin Denise Hemingway and I have been friends for almost 25 years. From the moment we met in elementary school, Kristin had a goal to become a writer. I am so proud of her success and happy to see her dream come true in print. Not only is her debut book an inspiration, but Kristin is a living testimony to aspiring self-published authors. I encourage all of my bookhearts to support her. You may download the eBook or purchase the paperback by clicking the links above. In the meantime, keep writing and living the life you love!


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