January 21, 2016

Books & Booze

Let me start off saying, for the record, I still miss Borders. I miss the ambience, the wide selection, the book signings, the cafe, all of it. I have become a Barnes & Noble bookheart thanks to monopoly. There simply aren't any independent bookstores in my area. Barnes & Noble has a cafe and is home to my beloved NOOK but I don't visit in-store nearly as often as I visited Borders. Statistics show I am not the only one.

So what does Barnes & Noble come up with to lure more people in the doors? Beer and wine! Yes, it is true. The bookstore chain has applied for a liquor license in the state of New York. Suddenly the idea of sipping wine while reading in the bookstore makes me want to head over to the nearest B&N. No more hiding it in my book flask.

Books and Booze. Yay or Nay?



  1. I miss Borders too! I was always partial to it since I did work there for 3 years. B&N, eve with books and booze, just doesn't compare.