February 15, 2017

Dark Matter

"A realization and the terror that follows it—terror of the limitless indifference surrounding us." ~ pg. 85

Jason Dessen is asked by a masked man, "Are you happy with your life?" then is knocked unconscious. He awakens to strangers in hazmat suits welcoming him back. The life Jason knows is no longer. His wife is not around. His son was never born. He is not an ordinary physics professor but instead a scientific genius.

Jason literally battles and strategizes his way back to the life he knows. It could be impossible or even a dream. But he has to try for the sake of love and family. Jason sets out on a dark journey, sometimes confusing and mostly terrifying. The central themes are love, choices and paths not taken. Dark Matter is told in a brilliant plotted science fiction thriller.

I haven't read a book like this in a long while. Where I had to think about the right words to write a proper review. Where I turned the last page and was disappointed that the book came to an end. Where I canceled plans for the following morning because I stayed up all night with a mission to finish reading. Where I finished a book weeks ago and the plot still haunts me. The story is still with me, leaving me thinking WTF if?! Such is the case for Dark Matter.

"If you strip away all the trappings of personality and lifestyle, what are he core components that make me me?" ~ pg. 218

There are no words that will give this mind-fuck of a novel justice. It had me so far gone! It gripped me by the edges and damned if it didn't let go. Dark Matter reminds me of movies Inception and The Matrix. And I don't even normally read this genre! Bookhearts, I wish I could go into detail but it would be nothing but spoilers. Take my word for it and read Dark Matter for yourself. A special S/O to my bookheart, ZoraToniMaya of BookTini Book Club, for recommending this "EXTREMELY suspenseful, edge of the seat, sexy love story."

Blake Crouch, I have nothing but appreciation for your writing a novel that you clearly did research for and delivered it flawlessly. Congrats on Dark Matter being made into a movie soon. It is only mid-February yet I am already claiming Dark Matter as one of my best reads of 2017.

Title: Dark Matter
Author: Blake Crouch
Published: July 2016
Pages: 342
Edition: Hardcover
Challenge: Popsugar—A Book Involving Travel; Popsugar—A Book with a Red Spine
Rating: ♥♥♥♥♥


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