April 15, 2018

Series Sunday: 17th Suspect

(Women's Murder Club #17) 

Series Sunday is a bookish meme hosted by Literary Marie. I encourage all of my fellow book bloggers and bookhearts to play along.
  • Read an installment of a series.
  • Share your review/recommendation below.
  • Include the title, author and series name.

"I'm connecting the dots this way." ~ pg. 240

My Series Sunday pick is 17th Suspect, the 17th book in the Women's Murder Club series by James Patterson and Maxine Paetro. A confidential informant puts all her trust into Sergeant Lindsay Boxer to help catch an unpredictable killer targeting the homeless. Meanwhile, ADA Yuki Castellano brings an unusual case to the courtroom: a man accusing a woman of rape. With the help of Investigative Reporter, Cindy Thomas, and Chief Medical Examiner, Claire Washburn, the dedicated Women's Murder Club come together in the name of justice.

Did this new WMC novel hold my interest? Yes. Did it make me flip the pages? Nope. But somehow I still finished it one lazy day. There was one case in particular that was interesting and I was eager for the outcome. Otherwise, it was just okay. I need something big to happen to one of the main characters that could change the dynamic of the series. That will definitely renew the interest of fans.

17th Suspect is available to the U.S. on April 30, 2018. Reserve your copy with the local library or independent bookstore.

Title: 17th Suspect
Author: James Patterson & Maxine Paetro
Published: April 2018
Pages: 286
Edition: UK eBook
Challenge: Keeping Up with Patterson
Rating: 🖤 🖤 🖤


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