April 19, 2018

She Bad

I don't know what is worse. Not being acknowledged or believed because your pain is invisible, or the world treating pregnancy like it's a handicap. As a migraineur, I have firsthand experience with the former. But I have seen idiotic opinions about new artist Cardi B and her pregnancy. Bad timing, they say. Why did she get knocked up at the height of her career? How will she promote a new album and prepare for the arrival of a baby? 

Why can't women do it all? We are masters of multi-tasking. We are more than capable of giving our full attention to more than one thing at a time. Fine example: as I am typing this blog post, I am going over my To Do list in-my-head, planning tomorrow's outfit and baking banana nut bread. It comes naturally. It's what we, as women, do!

So when our bodies are in a God-given condition to birth life, why are we expected to lie on our backs, feet up? Ironically, the same position that...*loses WiFi signal*

My point is that women are strong enough to handle it all—physically, mentally, personally and professionally. We can totally do everything AT THE SAME TIME. We are valuable. There is a reason why eggs are expensive and sperm is cheap. Put some respect on our gender.


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