November 6, 2018


Before you read any further, did you vote yet?
If not, logoff. G O  V O T E  N O W!
If yes, please continue reading.

Thank you for using your voice in this midterm election. Your life is on the ballot. You did your part. You have every right to complain about laws or support the changes that are made.

It is impossible for anyone to be 100% satisfied with election results. So please do not feel discouraged if the results are not in your favor. Cause an uproar if you must. But if the results are favorable, go ahead and brag that you exercised your right to vote and it worked.

Do more than just post your "I VOTED" sticker on social media. Encourage others to vote too. Support your favorite candidates. Be loud about proposals. Bring positive change to the community you work and live in. Continue to show up and show out to the polls. And again, thank you!


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