April 10, 2019


Let's take a pause from book and migraine talk.

Remember the old days of recording on VHS tapes? Then upgrading to DVR with the ability of fast-forwarding through commercials? Technology has spoiled us. Instead of watching a TV show week-to-week, waiting seven whole days for a cliffhanger to be addressed, streaming services have taken over. We can binge-watch whole seasons! We can sit for hours watching episode after episode, lifting a finger only to click "yes, I am still watching."

Below are shows I am enjoying this spring season and consider binge-worthy.

What do you watch nonstop?

  • The Good Fight ~ I love and hate CBS. Love that a non-censored legal drama features a majority black cast starring the intelligent Cush Jumbo, the striking Audra McDonald, coming into her own Rose Leslie, Nigerian actor Nyambi Nyambi, sassy Sarah Steele, Christine Baranski as Diane Lockhart and THEE Delroy Lindo. Hate CBS for charging an access fee to watch exclusively online. It is worth every bit of ratings and gives no fucks when it comes to politics, current events and language. This show needs more exposure for its greatness! 
  • The Resident ~ I may call Conrad "Cary Agos from The Good Wife" but he has single-handedly made this new medical show a favorite. The cast is colorful too with Malcolm-Jamal Warner, Manish Dayal and Shaunette Renée Wilson.
  • Shameless ~ Season 9 just wrapped and I already miss this shameless family. The heavy themes include alcohol addiction, mental illnesses, teenage pregnancy, abandonment, imprisonment, interracial relationships, lesbian/gay relationships, entrepreneurship, parenthood, sibling reliability and anything else you can think of. 
  • The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel ~ My timeline is responsible for half of the shit I watch. If it weren't for the online buzz, I would not have started watching this hilarious, set in the 1950s web series.
  • Grey's Anatomy ~ The longest running medical drama for good reason. New episodes still steal my breath away and hold my attention.
  • This Is Us ~ The evolution of Randall and Beth's relationship is probably the best episode yet. I am guaranteed an hour of good TV whenever this show airs.
  • 9-1-1 on Fox ~ The emergencies are ludicrous and sometimes so fake it is comical. But the personal lives of the rescue and police team are what make this show a must-watch.
  • American Gods ~ So good that we podcast it: Sistah Speak: American Gods
  • Black Monday ~ I will watch anything with Don Cheadle. Periodt.
  • Game of Thrones ~ What are you doing on 04.14.2019 at 9pm ET?

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