June 5, 2019

Have for Half

So in an effort to save money and not be wasteful, I am challenging myself: Have for Half.

For the second half of 2019, I will not spend money on things I already have. I admit to buying things I do not need just because it is on sale. And surely I cannot be the only person that gets carry-out immediately after buying groceries. Because who wants to go home, put groceries away AND cook dinner? Well no more.

Instead of stimulating the f'ed up economy, I will stimulate my savings. When I have the urge to buy something I already have, I will transfer half of the cost to a savings account. Then use the extra money for vacay/travel expenses, paying down debt and retirement fund. Here are specific rules I have set for the next six (6) months:

  • Eat the food I already have. For example, no more Del Taco if I already have ground beef in the freezer and taco fixings in the fridge. No more large sweet teas from McDonalds when I have a variety of loose teas at home to make a pitcher full. No more eating out of a fast food bag when fresh fruit and veggies are ripe for eating at home.
  • Wear the shoes I already have. After organizing my shoe closet, I counted 83 pairs of shoes. This includes sandals, boots, flats, sneakers and (majority) heels. I don't count flip flops because I don't consider them real shoes; fight me IDC. Anyway, I can only wear one pair at a time and really, how many pairs of black pumps does a chick really need?
  • Wear the clothes I already have. Another bad habit is buying a new outfit for special events. Or worse, buying the same item of clothing in all available colors. Why come if I already have dresses for all occasions, umpteen jeans, a multitude of sweaters, shirts for days, tons of pants both business and casual, tanks in damn near every style and color, and dresser drawers full of more clothes? Most importantly, I don't need to buy another piece of clothing because 🗣MY MAMA IS A SEAMSTRESS! 
  • Wear the jewelry I already have. Everyone knows jewelry is an investment. You are never broke if you have gold, silver and diamonds. It does not help that I am an accessories gal that loves bling. But there is really no point in buying more Alex & Ani bracelets, for example, when I already have over a dozen. I don't need to wear a ring on every finger and five gold chains looking like Mrs. T out in these streets. 
  • Listen to the music I already have. I pay $9.99/month for Tidal. There is no logical reason in spending an additional $1.29 for singles or whole albums on iTunes. I understand artists should be supported for their music so I'mma just keep listening to music through the streaming service only. They collect more royalties and sales via Tidal anyway.
  • Read the books I already have. If you cannot already tell, I have a black belt in reading. I get plenty free books for review purposes and own enough books that I have an actual library at home. So why do I still stalk Amazon for book deals and purchase in one click? I have at least 80 unread books so need to read what I already got! 
  • Use the skincare products I already have. Yeah so I kinda hoard skincare/hair products. Masks, cleansers, facial mists, pore strips, aromatherapy oils, toners/astringents, scrubs, body butters, beauty bars, smell goods, perfumes, lipsticks, balms, glosses, blushes, eyeshadows, hand creams, edge control gels, blasé blah. I seriously have enough to last a lifetime. I don't care what new product line is hitting the stores or what the next "micellar water" trendy item for the summer is...don't need it.
  • And to keep it all the way real, wear the hair I already have. 🤣

Blogmoiring about this personal challenge will hold me accountable. But I need your help. Check on a chick! See if I am sticking to my Have for Half plan. Or better yet, join me! Let us do better together.


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