October 28, 2020

All This Time

"You just...pretended?"

The writing duo of bestseller and movie adaptation Five Feet Apart is back with a new collab titled, All This Time. It almost slipped by my radar because of the damn near identical book cover. It's just as beautiful! However, after a closer look the story is definitely different.

Kyle and Kimberly are high school sweethearts until their breakup on graduation party night. Their car crashes; Kyle has a brain injury and Kimberly is dead. No one can possibly understand what Kyle is going through.

Then he meets Marley, a girl suffering from her own loss that she blames herself for. The same pain reflects in their eyes. Their feelings are the same yet unspoken. Their wounds begin to heal each other. And I don't know what happens next because I did not finish.

It is hard to read a love story when you dislike the characters. Kyle is the master of projecting his feelings on others and obsesses over Marley to the point where it's annoying. Their co-dependency (an issue I diagnosed as a reader and not purposely portrayed by the author) was the last straw for me. This couple was heading down a toxic rebound road and I didn't care to ride along.

Is this 30-fine-year-old black chick over the YA romance genre?!

Authors: Mikki Daughtry & Rachael Lippincott
Published: September 2020
Pages: 336
Edition: Hardcover
Rating: DNF


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