October 21, 2020


"The loneliest place in the world is my house." ~ pg. 47

It's graduation season! Claudine is a graduate focused on college in the fall, becoming a famous author and the possibility of sex. The announcement of her parents splitting up shakes her world. Now she feels anything but stable. 

Her mom takes them on a quality-time trip to mend their broken hearts. There she meets Jeremiah, a local trail guide with a secretive past. Surprise, Surprise...Claudine decides to have "it's just sex" with Jeremiah with the notion that she won't fall in love or put her heart at risk. 🙄

I should have read the preview before borrowing from the library. Let me back up; I should have read the description before adding it to my TBR list. But I saw Jennifer Niven as author (All the Bright Places) and assumed it was a good read. Approaching my 50-Page Rule requirement and it was apparent that I wouldn't make it to page 381 with this sex-on-the-mind-complaining-about-mosquito-bites-whiny white teenager so this 30-fine-year-old black chick did not finish!

Title: Breathless
Author: Jennifer Niven
Published: October 2020
Pages: 381
Edition: Hardcover
Rating: DNF


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