February 22, 2022

The Perfect Day to Boss Up

"I've never bought something that I couldn't afford to buy twice." ~ pg. 110

The Perfect Day to Boss Up is Rick Ross' hustler's guide to building an empire from mud to marble. He shares his road to success, adversities along the way and the steps taken to turn a vision into reality. His transparency is selfless and allows readers to follow a path that is proven to work. 

More than business start-up tips are revealed in The Perfect Day to Boss Up. Rick Ross also offers a road map to manage and invest money, make it in the music industry, turn ambition into action, assets versus liabilities and the importance of building a solid team. This inspiring read is currently my favorite for all the hustlers!

Rick Ross is a serial entrepreneur and I'm thankful for the useful gems he dropped. Time to boss up!

Title: The Perfect Day to Boss Up
Author: Rick Ross
Published: September 2021
Pages: 256
Edition: Hardcover
Genre: Memoir/Business
Rating: 🖤 🖤 🖤 🖤 🖤

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