March 29, 2022

Again: A Marriage Redemption Novella

"That bittersweet mix of happiness for the people you love and unyielding sadness for yourself." ~ pg. 66

Jaxon Daniels was supposed to be her forever. The boy she loved since 13 years old. The love that would carry through every obstacle. But loving someone sometimes means letting them go. Now Jaxon is back in her space. Reunited at a romantic resort for a family event. Days full of memories and demanding eye contact. 

I don't typically like romance but this novella right here? Loved it! Again is such a good second-chance love novella that tugged my heart strings then hugged me tight until I read the very last word.

Thanks to my Bestie Damey for recommending author J.L. Seegars! 

Title: Again: A Marriage Redemption Novella
Author: J.L. Seegars
Published: March 2022
Pages: 160
Edition: eBook
Genre: Romance
Rating: 🖤 🖤 🖤 🖤 🖤

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