March 15, 2022


"They taught me what they would call the four pillars to love—commitment, communication, affection and a spiritual foundation." ~ 19%

Christian Walker is a used car salesman engaged to Liv Stallworth, a high-end real estate agent in Chicago. His fiancé is used to the finer things in life and her parents never let Christian forget it. They want the wedding to be perfect and their life together to be comfortable. But Christian is broke broke and keeping a yearlong secret just to ensure Liv is marrying him for true love.

The best part of Jackpot! is how the author would begin to describe something and it turns into something totally different. He catches readers' minds in the gutter every time. The story flowed smoothly with the characters' chemistry, entertaining dialogue and good pacing. It was a quick light read that I recommend to all Bookhearts.

So why did I rate only 4 hearts? Because of the many typos and errors. As a licensed copyeditor, my eyes are sharper than the average reader so it was a bit distracting. This happens way too often with self-published novels. Authors, please do not skimp on the editing process. There are words that your eyes will gloss over from reading countless times. All the more reason to hire an editor for a final look.

Errors aside, I enjoyed Jackpot! and the happy ending. I expect nothing less of a story from a Cass Technician! Well done, classmate!

Title: Jackpot! The Crazy Things You'll Do For Love and Money
Author: Michael A. Wilder
Published: January 2022
Pages: 145
Edition: eBook
Genre: Romantic Comedy
Rating: 🖤 🖤 🖤 🖤

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