July 18, 2023

Fan Me Off

The Countdown is on for the Summer Renaissance Tour!

In 8 days, I am going to see That Girl. That's right, the Alien Superstar live in Detroit! I plan to dress comfortably and Cozy since I'm gon' let go of this Thique body like a Church Girl. Fingers crossed that Blue makes an appearance and brings the Carter Energy to the stage. I suggest anyone in my path Move out the way because I'll be with my sisters and we all need space!

In the meantime, I will be practicing choreo in the mirror and playing all of BeyoncĂ©'s solo albums in their entirety, along with learning Kendrick's verse on America Has a Problem Remix and the Cuff It Wetter Remix. I am getting my Virgo's Groove on so the lyrics will be All Up In My Mind.

Then another countdown for the Heated Houston home show with my best girls in 67 days!

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