July 16, 2023

Super Series Sunday: Eugeena Patterson Mystery Part 2

(Eugeena Patterson #3, #4 & #5) 

Super Series Sunday is a bookish meme hosted by Literary Marie. I encourage all of my fellow book bloggers and bookhearts to play along.
  • Binge read installments of a series.
  • Share your review/recommendations below.
  • Include the titles, authors and series names.

Eugeena Patterson #3
"You never get too old not to listen to your mama." ~ 79%

My 1st Super Series Sunday pick is Lemon Filled Disaster, the third book in the Eugeena Patterson series. Retirement has not slowed Eugeena down. She is busy volunteering at an after-school program and helping plan a wedding for her son Cedric. The longtime bachelor is finally ready to settle down with his girlfriend Carmen.

During wedding planning errands, Eugeena and Carmen are confronted by an aggressive man. When he is later found dead, Carmen becomes the main suspect. Eugeena must prove her future daughter-in-law's innocence or the wedding will never happen.

What I love most about cozy mysteries are the developing characters throughout the series. We find out little tidbits in every book. Lemon Filled Disaster focuses on less Eugeena and more of Carmen, Cedric and secrets of the past. The story unfolds at a good pace with a surprising, but happy, ending.

Author: Tyora Moody 
Published: April 2018
Pages: 219
Edition: eBook
Genre: Cozy Christian Mystery
Rating: 🖤 🖤 🖤 🖤

Eugeena Patterson #4
"Did you kill a girl and leave her body in my shed?"  ~ 24%

My 2nd Super Series Sunday pick is A Simmering Dilemma, the fourth book in the series. Eugeena and Mr. Amos are finally married! Their new life together is put to the test when Amos' daughter moves in next door. She parties to all hours of the night, hooking up with old friends and causing ruckus in the otherwise quiet neighborhood.

Amos receives a phone call in the middle of the night; his daughter found a dead body and she's the main suspect. Determined not to rock the boat between Amos and his daughter, Eugeena can tell there are secrets and the whole story isn't being told. 

Solving this mystery is literally close to home. Eugeena has to keep her new marriage conflict-free but also find out his daughter's real motives. This is what kept me interested. Once again, the author shines a light on supporting characters and gives layers to the cozy mystery series.

Author: Tyora Moody 
Published: October 2020
Pages: 235
Edition: eBook
Genre: Cozy Christian Mystery
Rating: 🖤 🖤 🖤

Eugeena Patterson #5
"People lead messy lives. Sometimes it's hard to clean up those stains. They stick with you."  ~ 93%

My last Super Series Sunday pick is An Unsavory Mess, the fifth book in the series. Bless Eugeena's heart for promising to hang up her amateur sleuth hat. We all know that was short-lived. When she attends a high school reunion with friend, Rosemary, they face off with their number one enemy. 

True to mystery style, the nemesis is found dead not too long after their public argument. There is no choice but to clear her and Rosemary from the top of murder suspect list.

I did not enjoy this last installment much as the others. It was too predictable the whole way through. Eugeena was a bit annoying with her mystery busting ways. It doesn't discourage me from wanting more of this series and my now favorite cozy mystery retiree. Now that I am all caught up, there is no word of a new book coming soon. I hope the series continues with less obvious storylines!

Author: Tyora Moody 
Published: October 2021
Pages: 231
Edition: eBook
Genre: Cozy Christian Mystery
Rating: 🖤 🖤

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